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Minor Site Updates

Look what I found visiting the North Yorkshire Moors Railway engine shed;

Not spotted what’s so special about this locomotive? Look a bit closer…

Cool eh?

Anyway, sorry that RAS hasn’t been updated for so long, I’ve been really busy with University work and other things, but I’ve now updated Repton.NET and added a new 3D version of Repton that is currently under development – check the games section. Superior Interactive hasn’t yet released a single game, which is disappointing, but Masabi has been quite active with their Repton games, so check them out for updates. I’ll probably do a proper update soon.

Oh and check out Software patenting in Europe could utterly devestate free software! For example until recently unisys (the holder of the patent on the LZW compression algorithm which is used in GIF files) could sue people for displaying graphics in GIF format without holding a license.

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Repton .NET

I confess I know very little about this game other than it’s for .NET and it supports the original Repton data files. If you can provide a proper review it would be very helpful. This comes from the site :

Repton.NET 0.04 Alpha

OK, now we’re getting somewhere – this is looking more and more like a playable game!

Things still left to do include:7650f

  • Allow Repton to be killed (fairly vital really!)
  • Hatch eggs when dropped
  • Monster logic
  • Episode selector
  • Password selector for levels

As ever, you’ll need the .NET Framework 1.1 installed on your machine, along with DirectX 9. Go to Windows Update and install both from there if you haven’t already done so.

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This game (which I briefly tested when it was in its ALPHA stages) is a foundation for many different types of Repton Game. Although I don’t know too much about the game, I can say that it has recently become commercial, taken over by Superior Interactive, so watch this space closely!!


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FX Repton


This is a spin-off of K-Repton, an older Repton game by the same author. This has all the features of K-Repton, but it uses FOX as it’s basis library instead of KDE 1, making it a highly portable game. This game is currently the only version of Repton which works natively on modern Linux distros. It’s a touch buggy at the moment, but I highly recommend it even so. The download provided it source-only, if you want a Windows binary visit Sandro’s website, there are currently no Linux binaries, but it’s quite easy to compile (I managed it after all!).

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Repton 3 for Win32

This is a neat little clone of Repton 3 for Windows r3_w32which plays really well, as far as I can see it has complete functionality and is quite stable. Problem is I can find no contacts for who wrote this game (the supplied email address is dead), so if this is your game, drop me a line!

Oh and incidently, this game is for Windows, but if you have Linux and Wine/WineX you should be able to play it with that.

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New forums and other stuff

I have added a new set of forums to the RAS website, these are far more advanced than the bravenet forums and allow many more features. Please register with them and login before posting. I have also added a new review feature to the forums, if you have a review for a game that has not already been reviewed, please email it to me.

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New Website Look

I have given the website a new look which should be easier to use and more flexible. Instead of using ye olde worlde frames, I have now switched to a table based site (as you can see). If you find anything not working, drop me an email. I have also added a new article section today for articles/reports concerning Repton, the first article added is an interview with Tim Tyler. If you have an article relating to Repton you would like to publish, please email me. Enjoy!

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Game Rating Facility

I have added the ability for users of the website to rate each game listed on the downloads page, this should enable a more balanced view of each game, not just based on my opinion. Look out for more additions to the website coming soon.

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Two new Repton Games

Today I have added 2 new Repton Games to the ever growing Archive, Rockfall – The Beginning and FX-Repton (K-Repton brought back), both look majorly good so head over to the download area for them!

Also if anyone has an article relating to Repton that they think would be relevant to this site email me and we’ll talk it over.

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RAS is back On-Line!

The Repton Appreciation Society Returns after being off-line for nearly 3 months, the reasons for this are numerous, needless to say I had a lot of University Work/Exams and my server went off-line and never (to this day) came back. Still this has proved to be a blessing in disguise since I am now on, which provides an excellent service and means I can use MySQL/PHP for the website. I hope you like the new layout, it isn’t quite finished but will be soon. I have also added a much more advanced message board, so check it out. Enjoy!

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