Minor Site Updates

Look what I found visiting the North Yorkshire Moors Railway engine shed;

Not spotted what’s so special about this locomotive? Look a bit closer…

Cool eh?

Anyway, sorry that RAS hasn’t been updated for so long, I’ve been really busy with University work and other things, but I’ve now updated Repton.NET and added a new 3D version of Repton that is currently under development – check the games section. Superior Interactive hasn’t yet released a single game, which is disappointing, but Masabi has been quite active with their Repton games, so check them out for updates. I’ll probably do a proper update soon.

Oh and check out http://swpat.ffii.org/. Software patenting in Europe could utterly devestate free software! For example until recently unisys (the holder of the patent on the LZW compression algorithm which is used in GIF files) could sue people for displaying graphics in GIF format without holding a license.

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