Repton 3 Conversion


Jasper Renow-Clarke’s Repton 3 Game was the first game I ever came across on the web. If you’re looking for a PC version of Repton, this is a good place to start. Repton 3 for DOS utilizes all the objects that appeared in Repton 3, and reads original Repton 3 data files, so if you have some old levels locked away somewhere that you wrote, no need to convert them, Jasper’s game reads the level files in perfectly. As far as I can see in the version on this website there is only one bug, you can’t die (but is that a bad thing? 🙂 ). Sadly the version here has only a dumb editor (for viewing levels only) so you will have design new levels on the BBC. If you’re an very experienced with Repton you should definately download this one, because it will give you hours of great Repton game play.

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