Repton Y2K

MinionSoft’s Repton Y2K is little short of a materpiece in gaming terms. It is very playable as is probably as non-commercial Repton games go the best out there at the present time, it is certainly my favourite. It runs under Windows 9x or higher and quite suprisingly requires a 3D card of some sort and pretty high processor, but the new enhanced graphics make up for this and provide a brilliant gaming experience.ReptonY2K

Currently all the Repton 1 and most of the Repton 3 levels are available for download on the MS website, all of these are distributed in various zip files and are being constantly updated which is why rather than providing a download here, I direct you to the MS website to download the various files required to play.

If nothing else take a look at Repton Y2K, it’s ace!

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